Alfred Hobbs Youth Foundation

Alfred Hobbs worked what is now known as “Hobbs Farm” from 1917 to his death in 1996. Mr. Hobbs was a patriotic farmer who embodied pure honesty, innate passion and proactive giving.   Farming was his true passion. And through farming, he was able to help his local community with both employment and nourishment through his nutritious, organically grown farm vegetables and fruits. During World War II, Mr. Hobbs used his farm as a “Victory Garden” and gave his produce to help feed and nourish American soldiers.

 Alfred Hobbs passed away on July 17, 1996. He left the farm to his church, the Bethel AME Church, with the desire that it would remain a farm and continue to give back to the local community. And thanks to the church and some visionary community leaders, Bethel Hobbs Community Farm donates over 30,000 pounds of organically grown produce to food pantries every year.

The Alfred Hobbs Youth Foundations offers farming & nutrition leadership programs that:

  • Teach youth about the rich history and mission of Hobbs Farm.
  • Provide hands on organic farming and gardening education and techniques.
  • Help create an understanding about why farm fresh, local produce is so nutritious for our bodies.

Youth have an opportunity to plant in the hoop house and in the ground, harvest a diversity of vegetables, learn all about the nutrition found in different vegetables, and taste vegetables that are freshly harvested. In addition, they have the opportunity to work on special projects around composting, constructing plant beds, and prepping beds for the upcoming season. Currently all programs take place outside on the farm. However, in the future, we plan to create a classroom environment to support and expand our youth education programs.

Our Alfred Hobbs Foundation program criteria and schedule will be published shortly. In the meantime, contact Ann @ (631) 774-1556 to schedule a volunteer day at Hobbs Farm or Jen @ 516-343-6247 to schedule a field trip through HeartBeet Farms.

Youth Volunteers from Middle Country School District

Hobbs Farm hosts special needs students from Middle Country School District.  During the spring and fall, they visit the farm on a weekly basis.  The students work on small planting and harvesting projects which help them learn and use basic skills in addition to interacting with people a the farm.

Local Scout Troop Projects

Local Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops earn pins and promotions by doing a diversity of projects at Hobbs Farm.  These projects have included creating and building farm signage, building a farm stand, cleaning and organizing storage areas, building plant covers in the hoop house, building raised beds, building tables and benches, and much more.

Fall Festival for Families and Youth

Hobbs Farm hosts an annual Fall Festival focused on family fun for local youth.  Kids can enjoy hay rides, pumpkin picking, and games throughout the afternoon.

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Many students are required to volunteer in order to fulfill club, honor society and grade requirements.  Hobbs Farm has supported thousands of students in need of volunteer hours over the past 11 years.  Students volunteer in the hoop house, focus on planting projects, harvest vegetables, and more.