Bethel Hobbs Community Farm has 6 distinct areas including:

  • Memorial Garden:  This garden is at the tip of the property and is a quiet, shaded area with flowers, beautiful greenery, and a peaceful waterfall to remember the people who have passed on.
  • Education Garden:  The Education Garden area grows many heirloom varieties, has a small compost area and hosts education for small groups.  It is located at the front of the farm.
  • Greenhouse:  The Greenhouse is located next to the Education Garden and allows us to launch our season during the winter months.
  • Community Garden:  The Community Garden plot area, located behind the greenhouse, hosts the Brookhaven Community garden plots, and Association for Mental Health and Wellness class plots.
  • Wheelchair/Disability Garden:  This section of the farm is located behind the Community Garden area and consists of a paved area with raised beds.  There is also street access directly into the Wheelchair Garden.
  • Food Pantry Donation Area:  This area of the farm consists of a few acres.  In 2016, Bethel Hobbs Community Farm donated over 35,000 pounds of organically-grown produce to local food pantries in Long Island.
  • HeartBeet Farms: This area is located in the back of the farm on 1.35 acres of land that has not been utilized in the past.  It is a for-profit farm supporting a CSA for the local community, a mobiile farm stand, and large education groups.  A portion of all gross proceeds is donated directly to Bethel Hobbs Community Farm.